Simple LED Matrix Library  2.0.0
A simple LED matrix library.
Simple LED Matrix Library Documentation

A library designed to allow for an easy and quick experience programing an LED matrix with an Arduino, even with little prior knowledge of coding or electronics.

Train goes brrrr

Create more examples.

Add full support for the MAX7221 chipset.


To install the library, the prefered method is by using the Arduino's Library Manager. Simply looking for simple led matrix should bring up this library. THe other way to install this library is to install it as a ZIP library downloaded from the Github repository.


On the hardware side, wire the Arduino to the LED matrix in the following fashion

Wiring Table
Arduino PinoutLED Matrix Pinout
D11 (Fixed)DIN
D13 (Fixed)CLK
D4 (Adjustable by software)CS

GitHub Repo

Link to the library's Github repository