I am Jamal Bouajjaj, a M.S and B.S Electrical Engineer.
My hobbies are in the field of electronics and circuit design (convenient), embedded and general programming.
I have developed countless projects over the years, ranging from your basic Arduino example project to designing my own E-Ink name tag. This website serves as a showcase of some of those.
This website itself is one of my projects, programmed purely in html, css, and php (none of this js rubbish).
This website also showcases soldering kits that I have developed on their own page.
Photography is also one of my hobbies. My current gear is a Sony A7II with a 50mm F1.7 primary, a Tamron 28-200mm, an Laowa 100mm macro, and a 14mm manual wide lens. I use Darktable to edit all of my photos. My photography page showcases some pictures that I have taken.
I am also a licensed amateur radio operator, callsign KC1GCZ.

If you want to contact me for any reason, including question and inquiries, please contact me at general@electro707.com

I have a public resume and projects list available below:



Here are links to some of my socials:

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My public GPG key can be found below:

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